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Bloody Cute Molly

Proof I've Not Yet Blown Myself Up

Mrs. Molly Glanworth
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Bloody Cute Molly is a fictional character on the Road to Amber MUSH.

Margaret "Bloody Cute Molly" Cuddy arrived in Amber -- after a three-year absence to deal with her pirate mother's death and subsequent financial chaos -- to re-take the post of Chief Gunnery Officer aboard the Minosian ship 'The Golden Apple' under Captain Dinah Discordia, a longtime employer and friend. Since her arrival she has done a great deal of physical damage to herself and others, poked her nose in where it does and doesn't belong, and generally made a, supposedly, charming little nuisance of herself.

In the process of attempting to connect with the blood heritage of her unknown Begman father, she met, and soon married, the local Begman Difference Engineer, Chazzer Glanworth. This marriage eventually led to Molly's retirement from her service on The Golden Apple in a blaze of inglory, guilt, and ill-feeling.

Molly has dropped the moniker of Bloody Cute, and is now known only as Mrs. Molly Glanworth, a simple shopkeeper's wife, metalsmith, tinkerer, baker of delicious rumcake, and sometimes adventuress-in-training.
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