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Bloody Cute Molly

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Mrs. Molly Glanworth

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January 1st, 2014

Molly sails her zomboat into Amber Harbor.
Full log below the cut. It gets long.

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September 29th, 2009

Sorry this got so wordy and unweildy. I was going to try to pick out just the basics, but Gerard Mk2 suggested to go ahead and lay all of it out. Below are ideas and notes about some thoughts I had around the Lost Minosan City of Solos, using the small amount of info that Gerard had available to give me. Some are pretty detailed, some are very vague. Basically a bunch of "what if" that was generated off some things that came up in a scene Dinah ran for me.  Hopefully it's been broken down enough that you can see where my head is at on the ideas as well as where I have, well, issues that might cause problems.

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Concerns: If what I have here– or something at all like what I have sounds acceptable, I can't run it all, and since I've only run one set of scenes before, I can say with a fair amount of confidence that you won't want to leave something that could be a major undertaking in the sole hands of someone so completely inexperienced and prone to stage-fright. What I can do without problem is write up a bunch of ideas and descriptions, and maybe try my hand again at running one of the smaller scenes? Or maybe if you don't want or don't think anyone else will want to run so much based on someone else's ideas, maybe you have suggestions on how to get help, or turn this into digestible bits ... maybe something along the lines of  GMing with training wheels? I'm pretty much in the position of - I just want there to be more Minos activity, and I had a couple of ideas to bounce around. I'm willing to work on stuff, but I'm not sure how or what because my skills are limited.

Another concern I have is the difficulty there seems to have been lately in getting others involved in Minos plots. If it's just the four of us involved, I'm not sure how well it will work.

A Question to start - The Charter & Compass: I know that these are used to chart courses through shadow. I am making an assumption that this means they may also be able to point to places in and around Minos. If that assumption is wrong, it won't completely wipe out most of my ideas straight away, but might reduce the parts that would make it so extremely personal to Molly.

Proposal: Spots of tarnish and mildew are found on Molly's mother's Compass and Charter. No matter what she does to clean and polish, they won't go away. Molly becomes convinced (logically or not) that these are a signs and directions from the spirit of her mother. (This "mild haunting" needn't go anywhere further, it's just a bit of fun to get Molly obsessed.)

When those spots are calculated through, they point to an area inland of the Minosian mainland, accessible by the river Sigyia. There may be coded notes and further maps rolled up in with the inherited charts, and these may hint at the source of the large amount of treasure that was recently found in the wreckage of the Intransigent and at another Captain or ship trying to jump the claim.

Prodded on by what Molly believes to be the ghost of her mother, she attempts to put together an expedition to go up the inhospitable river, brave the zombies of the mainland, and try to figure out why her mother died and why she "sent" Molly there.

General feel: Lost City Exploration, Ghost stories, Hauntings, Lovecraftian Madness, Asylum horror, Slow AND Fast zombies

What may result: is a trip up the river, fighting ship-unfriendly shallows and zombiefish, finding the mostly-sunken (and quite disturbing) wreckage of the claim-jumper, Continuing on to find the loading docks to the legendary mines of Solos and, once past all the zombies and possibly a source of those zombies, finding that the actual lost city isn't quite as empty as one might think.

What Might be Found : Travel up the Sigyia may include shallows that snag ship hulls, zombiefish and other various standard river perils twisted just a shade from the usual.

A mostly-sunken wreckage can be found on the way, the claim-jumping ship from Temerity's notes. Found here could be remains of hastily-removed treasure, signs of battle: lightning scorch-marks, holes from ballista-shot, etc. as well as some more disturbing signs.

Past the ship will be the loading docks for a major mining and logging operation, abandoned for centuries.

Within the mines will be zombies, since this is the Minos Mainland.  Potentially maybe there's a zombie source of some sort down there. I also had a vague idea about a black-road related “Black Vein” running through the mine (starting with occluded crystal formations, and getting stronger the deeper it goes?), but I haven't thought that through much yet.

Once through the mines they will emerge come out through a grand entrance, the city-entrance to the mining system, and into the abandoned city of Solos, which turns out not to be entirely abandoned. At first it seems zombie infested as well, but things are not as they seem.

The small amount of people left alive in Solos have been dealing with the zombies since the mainland became “uninhabitable”. They believe that they are all that's left un-undead in Minos, and have descended into feralism and paranoid madness.

So, that's pretty much what I have and don't know what to do with. I might not be sure what I am asking of you guys, but maybe there's something in this that can be used? I don't know, but I thought cast it out and see if  any of it floated or sunk.

September 4th, 2009

Molly returns from the sea to find a paper-wrapped package waiting for her outside the shop (Glanthworths' Artifice, No. 18 Ironmonger's, Amber City, Amber. Conveniently located!). No name other than hers. No return address. Begman-style paranoia ensues.

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Victory never tasted so bitter, but I'd reckon Mum's probably proud of me, taking this first step. To my mind she showed us her blessing the whole trip. Even counting them grabby-tentacled misbegots. She wouldn't've  wanted to go making things too easy on her girl. Not my Mum. And she twisted her knife in my heart a couple times, just to make certain I really felt it. Didn't find her, though. I wanted to, but there wasn't time or breath for it.

I'm thinking Dinah's feeling the loss again near as bad as I am. I should see about getting her a nice thank-you gift. Something shiny enough to, if not ease the ache, at least distract from it.

Chaz has been surprisingly supportive through all this. He even understood about the flag, bless him. Because of that flag, though, I'm starting to show more of my Mum. I've started the first of my caches and hidey-holes. It's right next to the...ha!...as if I'd put that in here. It's safe and hidden and that's all that need be said.

Seems likely Kestrel's made it to town. At least I think she's the only one mad enough to mix up a concoction like that one. Threw us for a loop, too. Why is it whenever folk leave me rum, they never just put a simple note with it?

September 2nd, 2009

Hastily scrawled, stained with pinkish-brown smears, and scented with sloshed-over rum:

Shiny things down there - Ooooooh,lots!
Unexpected meals of battle-sushi - 1

Camaraderie and reminiscences- Plentiful
Rum- Also plentiful
Ointment - Running unexpectedly low
Realizations that other equipment may have been helpful - Head-swattingly obvious
Hand-gestures - Amusing and wriggly
Massive hickeys that may need some explanation, later - Several
Current Tally = Sore, but hopeful!

August 23rd, 2009

A letter, painstakingly written in an obscure pirate code, folded into the shape of a tiny sailing ship and set loose on the outgoing tide. This time the ship is loaded with a tiny cargo in the form of a small cork-stoppered glass vial of Very Special rum.:

Dear Mum,

Share with me a sup of the finest rum I could find! Your hopes for me may not have been in vain. I've been working towards making a big decision, and I've found counsel in, amongst others, our old, dear friend. She is going to help me chart my course to earn my right as well as find the tools to wield it. Please, Mum, if you have any means whilst the currents rock you in your slumber, please guide us to what we seek. Because the woman had that look in her eye. You know the one. And I'm certain I'll need all the assistance I can garner. Help me to be a proper daughter of Minos in her times of need. Even if it's to be in my own particular, though you might say obstinately wrong-headed, fashion.

Your Dutiful Daughter,


July 20th, 2009

Dear Diary,

galvanics, storm, Lightning

By the Blessed Depths! By Stormalog's Beard! By the Shining Beacons of PROGRESS and SCIENCE, They might've laughed at me*, but I do believe I've cracked it!

Might have to draw on a new eyebrow and the roof might need a touch of fresh paint. And a new railing,  But those're small enough prices to pay.

On an entirely unrelated note, it's getting so's a body can't go down to the seashore on a simple, innocent trip to send a letter to their dead mother without being kidnapped into forced aeronautical joyrides at the points of disturbingly large talons. What is this place coming to? Oh, yes. It's Amber. What was I thinking?

*Alright. No one actually laughed, not where I could see. I did get one or two funny looks, though, and I don't think the squid were over-pleased.

June 30th, 2009

Having been back in the city for a while now, Molly has finally had a chance to unpack her bags from her vacation trip to Sunny, Sunny Sukho. Among the things unpacked was a sand-gritted, salt-crusted leatherbound journal, containing, amongst others, the following pages... (note: full-sized images may be a bit on the largeand slow to load  side)


March 17th, 2009

Okay, so the Bloody Cute part didn't exactly make it through the whole year...still.

Bloody Cute Molly was approved 3-17-08, so I've been mucking about with you guys for a whole year now, despite some slight scale-backs in online time recently.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for taking in a newbie who'd never MUSHed before and giving me a great place to waste time play, and a bunch of fantastic people to entertain me do it with.

It's been Awesome!

February 18th, 2009

Written in a wobbly, inconsistent hand that rises and falls erratically.

I am thoroughly drunk!
The wolves drove me to it, of course. The shouting, growling, fighting wolves.

One of em changed several times before my eyes, though the look of him never once shifted. From man to monster to one desperate to make a difference, it seemed. Hard to tell which is the larger part of him. The other wasn't what I'd thought, but how much is the job he'd come to do, and how much his own arrogance? The third, the quiet one? Ha! Quiet. How's that for irony, since she was the one being silenced the whole time. Her changes seem to've been deeper, ongoing, and far more interesting.

It weren't my fight, which left me to feel helpess and frustrated. Didn't understand half of what was happening. Wasn't something I should've even bore witness to, but it was brought out and waved round for any and all to see. There's troubles there. Big ones. I didn't need the quiet wolf to tell me that. No wonder Sadie ain't been round to play much lately.

Smuggled vinegar makes the fish at Bloody's far more than tolerable. Oh yes! Don't help the ale none, though.
Now I'm crawling into bed afore my falling over wakes Chaz.

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